Server info?

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Server info?

Post by cherry » Wed Oct 18, 2017 9:48 am

just dropped by while looking for a new server to play, but currently given info is just too poor.(also reminds me of EpicPW for some reason,after scrolling few posts)
so ill ask few questions before downloading,since i dont want to waste time by downloading something ill delete on insta.
so whats the max gear?
insta cast/5aps or normal?
are GM's actually experianced in making events and stuff? (asking this,since most GM's on private servers has no idea what theyre doing)
what about boutique gold? is this more like pay to win? (pwi player here,so i dont feel like spending money on p.servers, unless i feel kind enough)
those rules are kinda poor,so ill ask few questions about 'em too.
is scripting alloved? (i hope not)
what about multi-clienting?
(well,i have many questions about rules,so i just hope that you will remake em.)
ty and tc~

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Re: Server info?

Post by xpwteam » Wed Oct 18, 2017 2:34 pm

Hi Cherry,

You are right about the rules and we are going to update that real soon, we are really new and just openned so some adjustement will come as we grow.

But to reply to your questions:

- This is not a pay to win server
- Yes we can't deny that we tend to look like Epic, this is voluntary.
- Top gear is lvl 18 - easily bought with cubi gold that you can get with donation or quickly gained by voting and staying online.
- 5aps max
- No scripting allowed - that is common sense, no cheating... (but yes we'll precise it)
- We'll accept for now up to two accounts loggued at once.
- And yes the GMs are experienced in PW and once we'll be more established events will run as regular as possible.

I hope i quickly managed to reply to your most concerning questions :)
XPW Admin

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